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Types of psychedelic mushrooms

According to the latest researches in the magic mushrooms industry, there are over 180 types of psychedelic mushrooms growing all around the globe.
The mind-blowing fact is that all of them grow wildly and can be found without lots of effort. However, it is worth taking into account that mushrooms hunting is better to be done by professionals who differentiate mushrooms containing psilocybin from those that can cause harm to your physical and mental health. Sacral Forest sells different types of psychedelic mushrooms safe to ingest and can provide all the necessary guidance to the newcomers. We are one of the top USA’s online distributors of psychedelics, so be sure that the best psychedelic experience of the client is our priority.
Among the most common types of psychedelic drugs, one can define the following shrooms that are definitely worth trying.

Psilocybe Cubensis

Cubensis is the most widely spread variety of magic mushrooms. This type of magic mushroom is easiest to cultivate indoors, making it more potent and used to treat various mental health conditions. Psilocybe cybensis is easy to find thanks to its cinnamon-brown top and white-yellowish stem. The mushrooms start to grow with the easy-to-recognize canonical shape.

Psilocybe Semilanceata
Better known as liberty bell or cap, Semilanceata has a distinctive pointing cap and grows in fields where animals graze. Nowadays, this type of shrooms become widely used thanks to its psychedelic properties. Among them, we define visual hallucinations, pupil dilation, and increased heart rate. When used in small doses, the magic mushroom can provide many health benefits.

Psilocybe Mexicana
Growing natively in Central and North America, this type of psychedelic shroom are widely used in cultural practices for centuries. The ingestion of Mexican mushrooms provides a mild effect and is widely used in the form of microdoses. These and other types of magic shrooms can be found on our website.